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This book was written as an introduction to certain technologies and strategies that you may or may not be aware of. Not that you couldn’t find these from searching google or browsing the internet on your own. The design of this text is for a brief introduction and explanation as it relates to the capabilities they can bring about for your business or organization. Taking into account the effects and impacts of compounding, the combination of a few could more than likely provide you with a substantial competitive advantage.

In Content Weapons the shift in perspective the author takes is one of a gradual progression of content delivery technologies from a marketing stance into one which becomes very aggressive but refreshing. There is no other single text available that contains the breadth and depth as Content Weapons. If you are looking for a single resource on practical, available and impactful ways to get your message or branding delivered, Content Weapons is it.

“You think you know, you have heard it before and then the bottom drops out. You loose perspective of everything you were certain of from a content generation and delivery standpoint. In #ContentWeapons, Michael guides you straight into the future you already see but arent aware of!”
says one Molly Nijmeijer in on her blog!

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Content marketing can be a monster of a task for many in leadership positions, regardless of the organization mandate. The idea of consistently churning out engaging and informative posts across a wide range of messaging channels can be daunting — especially at the frequency that many content consumers have come to expect. In Content Weapons, Michael lefts the vail and exposes some really advanced technology and corresponding strategies that not only reduce the complexity but increase the overall effectiveness of any campaign.

This book is not only insightful but an absolute must!

Who is she?

Jennifer A. Reeves Brand Strategist

What is actually the greatest possibility at this moment? Retail brands need to think of how to incorporate representation in to customer experiences. The innovation is experiencing a strong adopting by buyers, specifically the young as well as the elderly, who are normally drawn to voice innovations over displays. Each House and also's Alexa provide options for brands to introduce on exactly how they interact and connect with along with their intended individuals. Record reveals that business through representation is actually off to a slow start, yet I assume it is actually top and merely very early stores are going to be the ones who think it out.

Storytelling is one of the absolute most successful advertising and marketing methods being made use of by today's very most effective agencies. Amazon signals technology with press launches that introduce brand new offerings and partnerships, creating them appear a lot more ahead appearing as well as cutting-edge to consumers and entrepreneurs alike. Prime Air, a project the firm itself calls "theoretical," and their approved licenses for floating warehouses are actually each fine examples. It's been actually 2 years given that Amazon Excellent Air was introduced, and I have yet to comply with any person who had actually a plan supplied via drones-- but our experts believe much more strongly of Amazon considering that of it. Jennifer A. Reeves, can do this and so much more.