Introduction to Capture Management

Capture Management is a unique business approach focused on qualifying business opportunities and based on that, you will be able to create a strategy that will eventually help you win. Keeping your business on track and harnessing all business opportunities that appear might not be easy, but it can work really well and pay off big time if you implement this adequately.

What does a capture manager need to do?

The Capture Manager personnel will need to take info from the marketing staff and then they need to use it in order to offer comprehensive solutions and strategies. These strategies should, at least in theory, be able to help guide your business to new opportunities and bring it to the next level in a very powerful manner. With the right approach and a comprehensive focus on results you might be able to do wonders here. But you need to know how to adapt everything to your own business.

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What do you need for the right Capture Management approach?

The first thing you need is a way to create a capture planning structure and the tools to do it. At the same time, you need to make a competitive assessment as well. Knowing what the competition does better is very important as it will provide you with a great insight and the outcome as a whole can be very impressive and interesting. According to customer requirements and motivators you will also be able to design win strategies. It’s also important to establish a plan that will help create customer contract plans, proposal strategies and so on.

What are the phases of Capture Management?

• The first phase requires you to identify and then qualify the leads. Before you establish a strategy you need to know who you are working with. Without knowing that information it will be a lot harder to adapt your message to the customer base, and obviously that will be a huge problem more often than not.

• After you have all the info, you will need to initiate the capture phase. Here you want to customize the details and innovative, start your creative mind. Adapting your products to customer requirements might not seem like much at first, but it totally offers you a way to show people you want to help them.

• Now that you have what you want to share with your customers and you also know what they want, it’s important to align everything. See if the customers like your offer and also listen to their feedback. Adapting and adjusting your approach is at the core of this kind of stuff, so do that adequately and you will be fine.

Who is she?

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